ISO 7816-3 Test Suites

Test of contact ISO/IEC 7816-3 smartcards (following the ISO/IEC 10373-3 specification)

To ensure interoperability in systems integrating contact smartcards (compatible with ISO 7816), Micropross supplies numerous turnkey solutions to test contact smartcards (SIM, U-SIM, ID1 format banking cards) according to the ISO 10373-3 specification.


Our ISO 7816-3 solution enables performance of analog and protocol test cases defined inside the ISO 10373-3 specification. Based on Micropross hardwares (MP300 TC2 and MP300 TC3), this turnkey solution includes :

  • a test platform
  • a set of electrical and protocolary test cases
  • a module of test report generation
  • optionally, it is possible to modify all parameters used inside the test cases


Test cases for contact smartcard testing include :

  • ATR verification
  • PPS management
  • T=0 : handling of case 1,2 and 3 APDUs
  • T=1 : handling of test scenario defined inside the ISO 10373-3
  • handling of parity errors
  • handling of CRC errors
  • current and voltage measurement

Solution assets :
  • completely automatised test process
  • automatic generation of test reports
  • high quality implementation of the test specification
  • based on Micropross hardware
  • open for customisation of the pre-defined test cases