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Active for more than 30 years in the field of electronic components programming, Micropross has gathered experience that made possible the design of the successful product range oriented to the smartcard test and personalization. Worldwide used, these products are designed to develop and produce faster and better.

Micropross history

Micropross has been founded 30 years ago in 1979 and is located in Lille, France. During the first 15-20 years, Micropross designed a wide range of products, dedicated to the electronic instrumentation market. The most famous one was the “Precis” which was an In situ component programmer which has been sold to many leading technological companies like Dassault, SNCF, Aerospatiale, Matra, Aeroflex and Schlumberger.


Micropross has proven over the years skills to design laboratory tools, which are all considered as references in their domains. Our tools allow the user to fully characterize his product from an electronical and a protocolary point of view.    


No matter if he needs to test a terminal, a wafer, a microchip, an inlay or a smartcard, whether it is based on contact (ISO 7816, USB, SWP, memory chips…) or contactless technology (ISO 14443, 15693, RFID, e-Passport, NFC), Micropross’tools give the means to measure the parameters that matters, to exchange data, to spy the communication with tested device.


Even better, their outstanding hardware allow to generate perturbations, in order to check the product’s behaviour under stress conditions. Whatever is the object: card, handset, smart object.


On the other hand, Micropross has also developped a full range of couplers for the production of smartcards and smart objects. Integrated inside the market’s dominant production machines, they have been optimised to the maximum, to offer the highest data transfer speed possible.


Thanks to our extensive product range, the user will be able to test and personalize chips compliant with the latest technologies (contact and contactless) the most efficient way possible. On a perpetual quest for customer satisfaction, Micropross offers numerous services, which range from personalized training to custom design (software and/or hardware). And last but not least, because we know our customer’s requests can not wait, Micropross has defined new standards in terms of support, through its own services and partners scattered all around the world.


Quality is part of the MICROPROSS culture and each product is thoroughly checked during each stage from design to production. Since 1998, MICROPROSS has been granted the ISO 9001 certification delivered by the BVQI board for Research and Development, for the sale and production of its products.


Quality policy


Quality has always been an essential factor at Micropross.

Since 1998 Micropross has been ISO 9001 certified on a regular basis by BVQI (Bureau Veritas; Annex C).

In this quality process, each department has its own procedures, instructions, and performance indicators.


Each non conformity or customer claim is recorded in an internal system in order to take a corrective or preventive action. On another side, Micropross has been acknowledged in 2009 as a Microsoft Certified partner due to the recognition of the quality of its Microsoft oriented software development.


Due to its position on a strategic market and its developments, Micropross is an “ERR” company (Etablissement a Regime Restrictif) and is frequently followed and supervised by the “DCRI” (Direction centrale du renseignement interieur ex DST) regarding security (people, network, developments) and protection of the French Scientific Heritage.


Last, Micropross products are in compliance with ROHS, EMC & ESD Standards.




From the beginning of its existence, Micropross has been engaged in long term projects, requiring a robust durability. As an example, the first PRECIS has been delivered in 1986. This In-situ programmer has been widely used in the maintenance program of TGV and Airbus. Airplanes and trains are expected to be exploited for decades. We still offer maintenance for these products.


In the smart card place, our STAR range of products is still working fine and still maintained, even if the first product has been launched more than ten years ago.


This is possible thanks to a careful design, a strong effort of documentation, a rigorous production and a farsighted supply chain.


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